Novalan, S.A. de C.V.

Our line of products

We produce practically all type of wool fabrics for apparel, worsted and woolen fabrics, Indoor and Outdoor Upholstery, technical fabrics, worsted and woolen yarns as well as different blends with wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, camel hair and different synthetic materials.

Furthermore, our production includes worsted fabrics as light as 130 g/square meter, up to 600 g per square meter woolen fabrics, under a sophisticated computer system and high-quality control.

Fashion apparel fabrics.

Worsted 100% wool and wool blend fabrics.

Woolen 100% wool and wool blend fabrics.

Different blends with cotton, linen, silk, cashmere.

Wool and wool blends with natural stretch fabrics.

Uniform fabrics.

Polyester/Viscose fabrics.

Polyester fabrics.

Worsted and woolen fabrics for Billiards.

Outdoor and Indoor upholstery fabrics.

Worsted and Woolen blankets.

Woolen and Worsted yarns.

Technical and high performance fabrics.